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Discerning a Call to Religious Life

Every believer is called to seek God.   To discern a vocation is to seek clarity about how one is called to do that.   When someone feels called to Dominican life it is an invitation to be in prayerful conversation with God, and with friends and trusted mentors, as well as with persons who are already vowed members.Discernment takes time .   It’s important to take time for personal solitude and prayer and to pay attention to what provides meaning and purpose in the present, as well as to the hopes one has for the future.

When individuals respond to a call to live religious life as a Dominican, it is important to assess their present compatibility with living a common life of contemplation, study, community, and ministry.   Dominicans are “called to a mission of preaching and teaching.”   Sometimes this means that Sisters literally teach children or adults and we are expected to model Gospel values with our life.   There are also many other ways that Dominicans proclaim the Gospel, such as in the arts, health care, social work, spirituality, and pastoral care.

Ordinarily, applicants are in their 20s, 30s, or 40s with at least two years of college or work experience.   Throughout the process of inquiry and discerning a call, vowed members will offer their companionship, support and prayer.   Whenever possible, women will be invited to become acquainted with the Dominican Sisters who live near them, to visit and to participate in retreats, prayers and other events.

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